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UVUE Dash Cams and the exceptional services we offer are why UVUE is the go-to Dash Cam supplier for car dealerships. Our exclusive dealership partnerships and outstanding support make us the perfect choice for maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.

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At UVUE, we understand the importance of standing out in a competitive market. Here are the key points that differentiate our Dash Cams:

Dealer Exclusive

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  • UVUE Dash Cams are exclusively available through dealerships, ensuring customers won’t find them cheaper on platforms like eBay, car insurance companies, or other apps.
  • This exclusivity protects the dealership’s reputation, as there’s nothing worse for customers than seeing the product cheaper elsewhere.
  • Customers can trust the dealership’s offerings, appreciating the exclusivity and the personalized service they receive.
  • Dealerships can confidently set their own prices, offering a unique and premium product without worrying about external price comparisons.

Unmatched Customer Support

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  • UVUE provides extensive customer support, assisting with Dash Cam footage retrieval, troubleshooting, and inquiries, ensuring prompt and reliable assistance.
  • Our dedicated team assures customers and salespeople of timely solutions, enhancing their confidence in our products and services.
  • Exceptional support fosters repeat purchases and cultivates long-term loyalty, making UVUE the trusted choice for Dash Cam solutions.
  • Swift responses to technical queries ensure efficient problem resolution.
  • Our team goes the extra mile, catering to individual customer needs for a personalized experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

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  • UVUE prioritises communication and customer support for maximum satisfaction.
  • Dedicated landing page exclusively designed for valued customers, accessible through a QR code.
  • The landing page serves as a comprehensive resource hub with detailed instructions, step-by-step guidance, frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for Dash Cams.
  • Complemented by a user-friendly app, window hangers and Warranty envelope, enhancing the overall experience.
  • The customer-centric approach ensures a positive experience for both customers and esteemed dealership partners.

Tech Guru at your Fingertips

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  • UVUE stands apart as the only Dash Cam company offering the invaluable Tech Guru service, setting us apart in the industry.
  • Our Tech Guru provides immediate assistance, resolving technical issues to prevent customer frustration. Often, tech queries are simple user errors, and our Guru patiently guides customers through them.
  • Customers benefit from direct communication with our knowledgeable Tech Guru, ensuring prompt and personalized solutions.
  • Your sales team can rely on our Guru’s expertise for technical inquiries, boosting customer confidence and satisfaction.

In-House Fitment

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  • UVUE recommends dealerships to perform in-house fitment using our OBD2 port connection and comprehensive training.
  • This approach ensures efficient installation, increased customer satisfaction, and a unique selling proposition for the dealership.
  • In-house fitment retains more profits, reduces costs, and allows for quick delivery (Service, Used Cars etc), driving additional sales and revenue.
  • Our OBD2 port connection ensures seamless integration, making fitment straightforward and hassle-free.
  • UVUE provides dedicated customer support throughout the fitment process for a smooth experience.

Comprehensive Tech and Sales Training

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  • UVUE provides extensive training programs for technicians and sales teams.
  • Customers receive accurate and reliable information about our Dash Cams, leading to seamless deliveries and enhanced satisfaction.
  • Well-informed sales teams result in increased profits and sales.
  • All sales team members have hands-on experience and undergo ongoing personalized training.
  • Our tech team has a minimum of 10 years of experience, ensuring top-notch technical support and expertise.

Marketing Material

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  • A Wide Range of POS materials including flyers, pull-up banners, videos, and Dash Cam stands with video displays, all available at the point of sale.
  • A dedicated Marketing Team is available to create engaging promotional materials, including Dash Cam sale flyers.
  • Customizable Promotions: Our team offers customization options, allowing dealerships to include their other products like paint and interior protection, scratch and dent programs, trackers, and tint in the promotions.
  • Driving Sales: Our diverse marketing materials empower dealerships to market our Dash Cams effectively, attracting customers and driving sales.

Market-leading Warranty

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  • UVUE offers the best warranty on the market – a 5-year full replacement warranty for added peace of mind, PLUS our unique “Out of Warranty Protection” option.
  • After the warranty period expires, customers can opt for the “Out of Warranty Protection” by paying a fee of $249 for replacement as long as they own the vehicle.
  • Unrivalled Assurance: Our extended warranty option offers unmatched protection for UVUE Dash Cam owners, ensuring lasting satisfaction.
  • Exclusive Offering: UVUE is the only company that provides this unique “Out of Warranty Protection” option, making it a real drawcard for customers seeking the best warranty coverage available.

 We also offer UVUE Track Car and Asset Tracker

Elevate Your Dealership’s Offerings and Boost Profits!

Expand Customer Reach

By stocking MyBuddyGard Car and Asset Trackers, you cater to a broader customer base beyond those interested in Dash Cams. These trackers appeal to individuals and businesses seeking enhanced security and protection for their valuable assets, including cars, equipment, and more. In today’s climate, this is becoming more important. Customers can easily monitor the real-time location of their vehicles and assets through a user-friendly app. The ability to track and recover stolen assets is a compelling selling point that resonates with security-conscious consumers.

Versatile Applications

My BuddyGard Trackers can be used for various purposes, such as fleet management, theft prevention, vehicle recovery, and asset monitoring. Often customer purchases the tracker for farm machinery or lifestyle ‘toys’ (like caravans, motorbikes etc).

Additional Revenue Stream

By introducing MyBuddyGard Trackers, your dealership gains an additional revenue stream while also leveraging upselling opportunities. With these complementary products alongside Dash Cams, you can increase the average transaction value and boost overall profits. Educating customers about the added security and convenience of MyBuddyGard Trackers makes it an easy and compelling decision for them to opt for these valuable assets. This strategic move enhances your dealership’s offerings, profitability, and customer satisfaction, positioning you as a trusted source for comprehensive security solutions.

Potential Business Partnerships

MyBuddyGard’s Car and Asset Trackers open the door to potential business partnerships with companies involved in fleet management, logistics, and insurance. These collaborations can further expand your dealership’s reach and revenue opportunities.

Stocking UVUE Track Car and Asset Trackers is a smart business move that not only meets your customers’ security needs but also enhances your dealership’s offerings, profitability, and market position. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide a valuable and in-demand product, elevating your dealership to new heights of success.

Australian owned and operated! The tracking company with a GREAT REPUTATION.

Personalised and manufactured with a multitude of functions in mind!

Made with intuitive technology to guarantee ease of use.

Tracker is concealed so unable to be detected by a thief at first glance!

Did we mention it uses 4G network? Best tracking coverage available!

Immobilise/Disable the engine of your vehicle via the “Track Map” APP. (optional)

Exceptional Products with exceptional support!

I work at a dealership that promotes the whole Nu-Line Solutions range, ranging from the Ceramic coating, the UVUE Track and the UVUE Dash Cams. I know by offering my customers these beneficial products that they are getting good quality and the best value but most importantly, the products are backed by an awesome warranty provided by Nu-Line Solutions. I have been working in Pre-Delivery for over 20 years. I’ve experienced the service of our competitors or lack thereof. I know what I’m providing my customers with when it comes to looking after their investment. Nu-Line products are truly the best products and Nu-Line provides the best customer care which is just as important. A lot of cheap nasty products let customers down, with no ongoing support. Using Nu-Line’s range I know my dealership is providing our customers with only the best.




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