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It is a necessity to own a dash cam nowadays! Accidents, road rage and driver impatience are just a few of the challenges you face daily. So it makes sense to protect yourself and get a Dash Cam.

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Why buy a UVUE Dash Cam?


Want to upgrade your features then the U22 is for you.

  • An easy-to-connect app that comes with a help screen
  • Emergency record button for event recording
  • Speed Camera Alerts with regular free updates
  • Shortcut buttons to navigate the app quickly.
  • Built-in GPS antenna for neater installs.


This model has a touchscreen which means it’s the EASIEST to use. Simply touch the screen and navigate exactly like a smartphone.

Best suitable

  • Most vehicles
  • Non-tech savvy


Want the smallest ‘stealth’ tech in Dashcams for a more unobstructed view and a discreet installation? Then the U4 is the right choice.

Best suitable for

  • Vehicles with lots of “Windscreen Furniture.”
  • Small windscreens
  • Concerned with blocking visibility.
  • Nervous about Dash Cam being stolen.

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UVUE Warranty

We have the best warranty on the market!

Smile, You're on Camera!

11 reasons you should own a "UVUE" Security Dash Cam!

1. Driving Accidents

Recording these incidents helps determine who actually is at fault.  Prove beyond reasonable doubt just what really happened.  No need to write down rego numbers and build a case to secure your innocence…..just hand over the footage!

2. Parking Accidents

You don’t even have to be in your car for the Security Dash Cam to record! Parking Mode captures that car that reversed into you and drove off without leaving a note. Make them pay the bill! And more importantly, make sure they don’t get away with this despicable behaviour!

3. Insurance Claims

Get this, scammers run out in front of your car at low speed and jump up onto your bonnet and then fein injuries to get a huge pay out.  YEP!  People do that!  They are not hurt.  They are scamming you!  Have the evidence to prove otherwise!

4. Road Rage

Unfortunately, Road rage is quite prevalent.  It is a serious and dangerous issue!  Protect yourself by filming the abuse!  It can also be used as a deterrent.  Point to your Dash Cam camera and your abuser will usually run for cover.  Safety on the road is paramount!

5. Safeguard your No Claim Bonus!

Secure your No Claim Bonus by providing undeniable evidence that the accident wasn’t your fault, ensuring your insurance premiums remain unaffected next year!

6. Personal and Property Security

Fitting a Security Dash Cam can act as a deterrent for “would be thieves”, for items left in your vehicle AND for yourself.  Think of it being like never driving alone!  You have a “2nd set of eyes” to back you up.

7. Records Valuable Data

Speed, indicator usage, location, braking.  Most units collect this data so if you are ever in a position where you need to defend yourself in court due to a fine, you’ve got the evidence.  Helps with Red Light and Speeding tickets.

8. Show off your driving skills!

Ok, near misses make a great story but having the footage to back it up.  Priceless!

9. Capturing the Unexpected

There have been some epic captures on Dash Cams!  From meteorites falling from the sky to vision of a tree falling across the road without warning.  Obviously, the main purpose of a Dash Cam is for safety and legal protection but if you can capture something truly amazing, what a bonus.  You never know, you may become a You Tube sensation.

10. Document Road Trip

The footage you capture while on a’ road trip holiday’ can be compiled for a great memento…. Road Trip to Alice Springs June 2016…. driving at sunrise…..seeing a rainbow through the rain…..kangaroo’s jumping away,  a long straight road that doesn’t bend for a far as the eye can see…….to a beautiful sunset.  Create a video to keep forever.

11. Peace of Mind

Which is what it’s all about!  Whether you need to prove your innocence or to capture the bad guy (and get them off our roads), Security Dash Cams give you peace of mind day in and day out.