About Us

why choose us?

Hi I’m Erika , I started Nu-Line Solutions some 20 years ago because the aftermarket company I was working for at the time, let me down with my “customers”. We had a major issue with the brand of Alarm we were promoting and instead of replacing them and keeping my customers happy, they decided it would be cheaper to try and repair them which didn’t work and we had a lot of very unhappy customers, this is when I thought I could do this better myself and I have… I still see other companies that have way too many claims and they don’t handle them correctly, and I see a lot of negative reviews about these companies, giving our industry a bad name, and a loss of confidence from customers. Having a background in hospitality, and completing an apprenticeship in Switzerland I was taught that the customer is King!

Customers are the most important part of any business without them we don’t eat!

It has been my goal to always provide exceptional products and service, never oversell, believe in my products, and of course look after my customers.

Our proven Paint and Interior protection, has stood the test of time, we are constantly experiencing repeat sales from very happy customers.

In regards to claims, there will always be claims, it’s the nature of any business.

4 things set us apart:

1. we have less than 1% claim rate
2. I personally look after any claims
3. I treat people like I would like my mother treated!
4. Voted No.1 Boutique Aftermarket Company by over 100 Consultants in Victorian dealerships we have proved it pays to put the customers first.