The best Paint Protection Provider for 8 consecutive years!

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Got yourself a shiny new car?

Want to keep it looking that way?

You can’t NOT drive it. So you are gonna have to protect it!

And if you’re gonna get protection, you may as well get the best!

You need to GardX it!!!

Unrivalled Benefits

Car wash safe - yes, you can use a drive through!

No need to EVER wax or polish!

Fully Transferrable warranty

No annual inspections required!

Lifetime National Warranty for New and Used Cars

Underwritten for extra security

The interior protection includes the highest no. of inclusions compared to any other company!

Practical Car Care Kit has EVERYTHING you need included!

Practical Car Care Kit

This car care kit is the BEST on the market. Comes in a practical zip-locked bag that secures each product so it can be stored in the car – where it’s needed!

Includes all the usual stuff you’d expect: shampoo, tyre cleaners with a brush, wash mitt, and microfibre… PLUS

A couple of CRAZY GOOD inclusions!!

Practical Car Care Kit Inclusions

Tyre Guard

Tyre Guard is your spare tire in a can. It is an essential safety device for your car. In case of a puncture, you can make a temporary repair swiftly and drive your vehicle to a safer location.

Glass Guard

Glass Guard creates safer driving by coating the windscreen that repels rain and causes it to bead and run off. Vision dramatically improved by keeping glass free of rain, frost, salt, dirt, bugs and grit.


Designed to maintain the GardX protection of your vehicle. If you see a decrease in shine or water beading, it’s a sign that soap scum has built up on the surface.

What Sets Us Apart


Tried, and tested for all weather conditions including Australia!

Sold in 42 countries worldwide!


The exact ‘hardness formula’ allows the clear coat to still be malleable and move with cracking.

The only Paint Protection company to win Paint Protection Provider of the Year 8 consecutive years!


Professionally applied by trained experts.


Underwritten by one of the world’s largest insurers.

Million protection packages sold worldwide.

The Ultimate Vehicle Protection


Protect your Paintwork and Upholstery for life.

If you deserve the best, and we both know you do,

Then GardX it!

GardX – your car’s ultimate defence!