Don’t Just take Our Word For It...
“We had the excellent UVUE U11 dashcam dealer installed on a new vehicle a little over a year ago and have been amazed by its quality and reliability. However, my partner recently accidentally damaged the microSd card mechanism when replacing a new card. I made a quick call to Nu-Line and within minutes Angie had called me back with courteous and helpful advice. She connected me with their friendly tech guru, Rod, who did an amazing, super fast job to get our U11 up and running like new again in a matter of hours! Flawless customer and tech service from the Nu-Line team. I cannot recommend them enough! Thank you so much”.
Steven Wojtkiw

Boronia, Victoria

Last year you installed the U5 dash cam in my car. While it’s always come in handy to give me the comfort of knowing anything that happens will be captured, it really came to my aid last week when I was involved in a car accident.

I was driving down an 80km/h road when a vehicle changed into my lane suddenly and caused us to collide. Everything happened so quickly and I was in shock, I didn’t even know what had happened. The owner of the vehicle at fault immediately tried to place the blame on me at the scene.

I quickly opened up the UVUE app on my phone and downloaded the footage of what happened and showed it to the police when they arrived. Thanks to that footage, the process of finding who was at fault was much easier and was settled at the scene. I have no doubt I’d be in the middle of a fight with insurance with now arguing who is liable without it.

I can definitely say I’ll always keep a dash cam in any car I own now, the additional level of safety and comfort it provides can’t be replaced.

Just wanted to share my experience with your dash cam and provide you some feedback on it!

Felicia Bongiovanni

I used Nu-line on my car 10 years ago inside and outside, the results have been so good, easy to clean and resistant to bugs and grime stains while retaining that new car look, that I will again use Nu-line on my soon to be delivered new car and have just had Nu-line applied to my wife’s just delivered new car.

Robert Johnston

I am writing to let you know that I am so delighted with the Nu Line Paint Protection and Interior Protection which was applied to my new Audi A4 several months ago. I have had different brands of protection packs over the years on other vehicles and I must say this is the best product I have used EVER. Many thanks Erika and the team at Nu Line for a fantastic product and your customer service.

Best Regards,

Simone Jones

Nu-Line care about the welfare and product knowledge of their consultants. Warranty claims are dealt with promptly and effectively. I feel very comfortable selling Nu-Line knowing I have the support of Erika and the Nu-Line team behind me
Anita Le-Grange

I recently got my windscreen replaced by a big name company so assumed they’d have plenty experience fitting dash camera back in place. Was shocked to find my camera attached in such a way it did not reflect the quality fitting of my UVUE camera when it was first installed. Then to discover GPS disconnected and camera support damaged. I called Rod for help who got me in touch with Lisa and she helped set up a time to meet Mark at my work place. It was was all sorted so quickly I couldn’t be happier. This product is of high quality and would recommend it to anyone deciding on a dash cam.
Linda Wade


I have been involved with Nu-Line for almost 3 years as a car care consultant and during that time I have been delighted with their professionalism and consistency, I have found the Sales reps extremely helpful, always available to answer any queries or offer suggestions where needed. Nu-Line products are of the highest quality to best support the dealerships that use them.

Nu-Line warranties are second to none and any claims are dealt with swiftly and expertly. Nu-Line believes the customer deserves the ultimate in protection and delivers the highest quality customer service. I can honestly recommend Nu- Line and their range of protections designed specifically for Automotive use, I can represent Nu-Line with the utmost confidence!

Debra Kavanagh

Car Care Consultant

I would just like to share with you some of my recent experience I have had with your products. Our customers have informed us of their delight in washing their vehicles. (Yes they do enjoy washing cars) The ease of washing the car since we applied Paint Protection has made life very easy. The most common response I have had is that they do not need to polish the car and it still looks like new. We traded a vehicle last month and the customer was quite impressed with trade in value, which is very uncommon. The vehicle had a paint protection 4 years ago which resulted in a higher trade in value due to condition of vehicle. Another response to our interior protection was “WOW my 6 year old spilt a drink in the back seat and was easily removed with a damp cloth, this has made my life so less stressful knowing my seats will be clean” I just wanted to share this with you and let you know what a positive response I have had from clients which gives us the confidence in your brand

Yours faithfully

Karen Cady

Business Manager

Nu-Line go above and beyond for our customers when required. The support and training provided by Nu-Line has been very helpful with not only my sales but also my personal development. Weekly visits from my rep Angie is really amazing; knowing I have ongoing support and encouragement!
Jessie Hultgren

I highly recommend Nu-line to any dealership looking for exceptional products!

David Haines

Patterson Cheney Toyota

Educational and positive sale training. Great product training. Always supportive of us girls!
Lea Sannen